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Angela Corredor California Closets Vancouver British Columbia Designer

Angela Corredor

Design Consultant

Living in different parts of the world in places like South America, Israel and England has given me a unique perspective in culture and design. Over the years, it has been a source of inspiration with many of my projects. I earned my BA of Interior Design in London where, afterwards, I worked for a firm that designed residential and commercial projects, particularly hotels. When I moved to Canada, I was drawn to California Closets because of the company’s honesty, transparency and high-quality products. I have always loved interior spaces -- especially the diversity of hotels and restaurants, which is what inspired me to study interior design. As a detail-oriented person, I enjoy seeing things organized and neat. Being able to create functional and fun spaces is my favourite part of working with clients. In my spare time, I like to search for special pieces of furniture to refinish and keep on display in my home.

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