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Jackie Chesney I California Closets

Jackie Chesney

Senior Design Consultant

I grew up in a home that was under construction continuously during my childhood, so the renovation bug is a natural thing for me! I have fun meeting new people from all walks of life as their needs and spaces are so very different which makes every moment an interesting one. I call this my FUN career. A few years ago I became a Professional Organizer and joined the Professional Organizers Association of Canada, and at the same time designed my own Wall unit and went to California Closets to have them bring it to life. Well after that I was hooked! Beautiful storage spaces where everything had a home – how gratifying and satisfying it was to look at, and know that it stored items that I needed. California Closets and I took a chance on each other, with my spatial sense, appreciation of the Closet CAD system and my love for organizing – it is a match made in heaven. I now design very functional and beautiful systems to help you organize your home! It will make your life easier so you can concentrate on the important things like family and friends. I urge you to call me today, if you have spaces in your home that are driving you crazy and are looking for options to make it function and look fantastic at the same time! Let’s work together to make your life less hectic.

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