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Kendall Manor California Closets Design Consultant

Kendall Manor

Design Consultant

Since Kendall's early years, she has been exposed to art and design, born into a family of architects, contractors and designers. It gave her a true understanding of what a difference it makes to live in a carefully inventoried and functional home. Kendall has a Bachelors Degree in English Literature from Ottawa University and a Diploma in Fashion Design from George Brown College. I have always been interested in all aspects of design, whether it is represented in archietecture, in the home, and especially in your closets! This is what ultimately brought Kendall to California Closets.As a California Closets Design Consultant, Kendall can express her adoration and expertise of design style, organization and functionality with her clients. She enjoys working with clients to not only achieve, but surpass their expectations, by providing them with solutions that cater to both their needs and tastes.