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Kendra Wilson California Closets BC192 Vancouver Designer

Kendra Wilson


Having studied interior design at BCIT, I bring a deep understanding of the elements and principles of design to my work. To me, good design means striking the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, without sacrificing either. I truly believe that every obstacle is an opportunity, and that these challenges often yield the best results. As a Design Consultant, I get to combine my passion for good design with a genuine love of working with people. Creating unique and beautiful spaces for my clients allows me to express my creativity and indulge my detailed-oriented nature. The design process can sometimes feel overwhelming – especially when you don’t know where to start. My goal is to make the journey as fun and stress-free as possible by collaborating with my clients to bring their ideas to life. Don’t have a specific vision in mind? No problem! By asking thoughtful questions and really listening, I can help you determine the perfect solution for your space. I look forward to designing with you!

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