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Mandi Shields California Closets

Mandi Shields

Design Consultant

Growing up in Austria in a beautiful small town between mountains and lakes taught Mandi appreciation for nature and the environment. As a child, she enjoyed skiing in the Alps and hiking. It was here where she first discovered her love for dance and the arts. At the age of 18, Mandi moved to Vienna to study Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. Mandi met her future husband during a 6-month exchange program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Since then, she has traveled to Vienna, where she graduated from Architecture School in 1995 before moving to Toronto. My architectural knowledge and my experience as a real estate sales representative was what led me to California Closets in 2011. Mandi feels that her position as a Design Consultant perfectly combines her love for design with her strong customer service skills. I receive a lot of joy working with clients; there's nothing more enjoyable then finding them the right storage and individual space solutions for their unique needs. I am very fortunate to say that I love my job, which I think reflects strongly in my design work and my relationship with my clients.

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