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Susanne Parker California Closets BC192 Vancouver Sales and Design Consultant

Susanne Parker

Office Personnel & Designer

My background is furniture and home décor. I have worked at Eaton's and Ethan Allen, and as a wholesale representative. I have designed trade show booths and was always rearranging the sales floor at Eaton's. I'm fascinated by how things go together and love to do puzzles. I have found an exciting career with a wonderful company that pays me to do what I love. A home storage problem is very much a puzzle to me. There is that very satisfying & Aha moment when all the pieces click together and, with a little bit of magic, we have a solution that exceeds the client's needs and expectations. What I bring my clients is a genuine interest in people and their project, over 30 years experience in creative problem solving, and enthusiasm for what I do. There is tremendous satisfaction for me in hearing, after an installation, that not only does the solution work, it is more beautiful than my client had imagined.